Developmental Phases 
(6 Phase Plan)

Phase I: Business Planning, Feasibility Assessment, and Conceptual Design (8-12 weeks) 

****Current Phase****

In this phase, we will focus on the initial planning and design of the aquaculture and vegetable hydroponic system.  Much of the same tasks will need to be completed for each entity in order for the project to be successful.  Initial planning of the farm includes the creation of the following. 

Custom Business Plan Development-which includes: Executive summary, company description, product determination, market breakdown, competitive advantage assessment, marketing and sales plan, operation strategy, overview of management team, use of funds, and financial projections.

Financial Feasibility Assessment-which includes: a detailed analysis of start-up cost, potential sources of capital, returns on investment, recommended and alternative financial scenarios, key insights, challenges and solutions, and opportunities and risks associated with the project.

Recommended Product Determination and Branding-based on the custom business plan and financial feasibility assessment we will recommend a series of products and determine a 3rd party marketing firm to work with for the development of the branding of said products.

2D Conceptual Design-High-level design of the proposed aquaculture and hydroponic system, as they would fit within the greenhouse and fish house.  Which allows for production estimates required for financial feasibility analysis.  Included conceptual design of the locations of packaging, processing, laboratory, and auxiliary buildings.

Determination of Required Permitting-We will work to determine all proper local, state, and federal licenses for the rearing of fish and farming of vegetables and supply this list to the customer and check-in to make sure that the customer has applied for all of the permits.  These will need to be filled-out and submitted by a state resident.

Supplier and product determination-We will determine appropriate supplier and work with them to get a quote on the cost of the greenhouse, processing, and packaging facility and any additional fees related to its installation.  We are not responsible for sourcing or building any auxiliary buildings though we will assist in ensuring that any additional needs, including processing, storage, bathrooms, offices, entrances, etc., are in compliance with USDA Organic, Global G.A.P., and Wholefoods Produce Quality Standards. 

Phase I will be considered complete upon the delivery of the business plan, financial feasibility assessment, and conceptual design. 


Phase II: Detailed Design, Product Acquisition, and Development (4-6 months):

Upon the completion of Phase I, the customer will have the option to move forward with he sourcing and acquisition of equipment and goods, and the development of operation materials.

Custom Farm Management Plan-is a holistic plan which includes a food safety plan, crop and fish management plan, nutrient management plan, standard operating procedures, logs, checklists, reference charts, signs, additional references.

This farm management plan will be centered around 4-5 popular leafy-green crops based on the assumptions determined in the business management.

After the completion of the manual we will review converting the farm management plan onto a cultivation management platform, for increased simplicity, traceability, and monitoring/analytic capabilities.

Cultivation Management Platform-The farm management plan will need to be developed into an online cultivation management system that employees will use to track operations, monitor and maintain traceability to GlobalG.A.P standards.  We will work with a 3rd party to ensure this software meets the needs of the farm.

2D Detailed Design-High level systems engineering, aeration systems, harvesting systems, trenches, electrical and water outlets, plumbing, growing equipment, monitoring systems, lighting analysis, and light plan, circulation fans, germination systems, and biosecure entrances.  We will recommend placement for the offices, walk-in storages, processing and packaging facilities, laboratory, and other relevant equipment but are not responsible for detailed designs of these locations.

Equipment sourcing-once there is a suitable place for equipment to go, we can facilitate the purchasing of the required equipment, or provide a detailed list for a designated purchaser to acquire.

Coordination with General Contractors, Engineers, and Electricians-Once the farm design is finalized we will work all of the designation parties (architects, electricians, plumbers, general contractors, etc.) to ensure that the pre-construction requirements of the project are met and that everything will be built and specified to the determined standards. 

Online Training Course Development-We will develop an online training course so that employee progress can be tracked and operational procedures or information is easily available to the team members.  Initial fees for the development of the online training are included in the cost of Phase II. Annual fees for the software may be required and are not included in the fees for Phase II.  These additional costs are to be billed separately.

Phase II will be completed upon the delivery of the Farm Management Plan, Cultivation Management Platform, and a list of the equipment needed has been supplied to the designated purchaser. 





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